Couldn’t have said it better myself…
so… I’m just going to reblog it!


Well, Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day was a hoot! This is a post I wrote after seeing the response to this event, followed by all of my comments in the ensuing debate. As always, I have included my replies in no certain order. I apologize for any confusion, dizziness, black outs, tingling in the extremities, or homicidal thoughts (especially those directed at me) the seeming randomness of my replies my cause. Though I do not include the original questions or comments to which I am responding, their content can easily be inferred from the context of my responses. As I said before signing off last night, “All in all, it was a good day.” 


Well…it was only a matter of time before I opened my mouth…

Prior to today, I did not give a rat’s ass about Chick-fil-A or what Dan Cathy said. Though disagreeing with him, I supported…

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