I’m re-blogging this because there’s not really any way to have said it better myself!

WE DID NOT CREATE THIS FUCKED UP WORLD WE NOW LIVE IN!!! Our grandparents set things in motion to create a grand world, then our parents came along and fucked up everything our grandparents created. They devastated the world’s economy, turned our politics into a mud slinging competition, misinterpreted the constitution that our country was founded on, and are now attempting to allow religion to overthrow and take over our government!

What they have done is unforgivable. We are now left to clean up their mess, and yet they won’t allow this because THEY are the one’s that know better!

Mom, Dad… YOU LIT THIS FUCKING FIRE!!! I’m just trying to put it out

The Phoenix and Olive Branch

Dear Baby Boomers and Generation X,

Quit telling us we’re not special.

Believe us, we bloody well know.

Earlier this month, Wellesley high school teacher David McCullough, Jr., delivered what was perhaps the world’s first commencement dirge to a crowd of teenagers on the first day of distinction many of them have ever experienced. Graduation from high school, he informed them, is a shiny induction to the hordes of mediocrity. McCullough even took it upon himself to remind the youth of their eventual funerals. (You know it’s a problematic speech when Rush Limbaugh loves it.) What parting words did the teacher have for those who survived his twelve-minute lesson on nihilism? The paradoxical exhortation to go forth and live extraordinary lives! Because, apparently, we can?

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