The bible and LGBTQ – Part 3

I now deliver to you, for your mind-gasmic pleasure – My wrap up to the three part series: The bible and LGBTQ!!!

OK, so I’ve now shown how there’s not a place in the entire fucking bible that condemns homosexuality.  I systematically broke down the reality of all of the verses that “christians” build their theology around.  As it turns out… the bible HAS been changed via translators to instate bigoted religious propaganda bullshit!!!  Jesus said NOTHING about homosexuality at all, Paul said nothing about homosexuality at all, most all of the verses against homosexuality were changed by the church in order to force propaganda on their religious society and disguise it with religion, and thus keep the government out of it.  But now the church is trying to infiltrate and take over the American government in order to further perpetuate their bigoted propaganda!  Bigoted propaganda which actually has NO biblical basis… but is hiding behind a biblical mask!  The only verses that DO exist say something like, “Hey, homosexual sex is ritually unclean.  If you could stay away from that, that’d be great!”  But “christians” LOOOVE to stop there and say “See homosexuality is bad!”  Ok, well if you pull one verse from Old Testament law, then you have to uphold all Old Testament laws!  So…  right next to it, it also says “Hey, eating shrimp, cutting your hair and beard, working on the Sabbath, tattooing your body, cross-breeding livestock, mixing seeds are all ceremonially unclean too.  So if you could stay away from those, that’d be great!”  So why is it that all of those other things are acceptable now, but homosexuality isn’t?

Religious Propaganda!  THAT is why!

There was another group of slightly oppressive individuals that ALSO had an idea of the perfect “christian” family.  This family was a Mother, Father, and Children.  These individuals all had blonde hair, and blue eyes!  The perfect family, and the perfect race!

Now “christian’s” LOOVE to point out when a non-christian is cherry picking from the bible, but can’t stand the same accusation!  In fact, ANYBODY that EVER disagrees with a “christian” (even other “christians”) is Cherry-picking, or they are buying into Satan’s lies, or they are maliciously trying to destroy others!  (Yeah, I’ve heard and have been accused of all of these before)  I’m telling you right now.  There is ABSOLUTELY ZERO malicious intent in anything I ever say or write, NOONE will be harmed by reading or hearing the TRUTH, YOU sir/ma’am, are buying into Satan’s lies because you disagree with me, And YOU sir/ma’am, are the one that is TRULY cherry picking!  Heh… Cherry-picking!  THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT CHRISTIAN ANTI-LBGTQers ARE DOING!!!  You take two verses from Leviticus but ignore all the rest of Leviticus?  That my friends, is the very definition of “cherry picking”.  When you excuse away all the other commands in Leviticus due to society, but this one you cling on to?  That’s just plain old BULLSHIT!!!  And when you CHANGE your religious text in 1946, to say shit it was never intended to say, but still call those changed scriptures inerrant… that sir is so incredibly deviously malicious and evil that I don’t even know what to do with it!

Then we also have the really extreme wackos that say things like: The government should kill all gay people!  Or we should put them all behind an electric fence and let them die out because they can’t reproduce!  Gay’s aren’t born, they are recruited!

Now, here is the part where people will say “not everyone who says they are ‘christian’ are really ‘christian!’”  or  “They don’t represent all Christians!”

Um… I hate to break it to you… but yeah… they kinda are, and kinda do!  You see if you can sit there and say “they aren’t a ‘real christian’” just because someone disagrees with you, then there are NO “real christians” in the entire world!  It doesn’t work that way…  You aren’t the judge of the label “christian!”  Thus, if someone claims the label, they have it!  Here’s where someone reading this just said “But being a “christian” is more than just a label!”  Um… no dumbass… no it’s not!  Following Jesus the Christ, or following the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth is more than just a label.  “Christianity” is nothing more than just a fucking label.  And a really rotten, fucked up label to wear at that!!!

You see, the hateful “christians” are “christians.”  And ALL “christians” are bigots!  Yes I said all!  There are mean, hateful bigots.  And there are nice, sweet bigots…  But they are both still bigots!!!  The hateful ones are merely an extreme form of bigotry…  Bigotry is still bigotry any way you look at it.  I had a pastor state to me that “gays are welcome to come to church here, but they can’t join the church and they can’t take a leadership position.”  (leadership position to him is anything from preacher, to the person that greets at the door, to someone giving out donuts)  Basically you can come in, but you can’t practice “christianity!”  I’d bet that church would still accept the gay person’s money if they wanted to give it!  That person just can’t have a voice in the church, can’t practice “chrsitianity,” and can’t be a real “christian.”  How is that any better than the pastors that say “kill all gays?!?”

I’ll give you a hint… it’s WORSE!  Its hate disguised as love!  I think those who spread hate in a loving way are worse and more dangerous than those who do it in a maliciously, hateful manner.  When someone does hurtful shit in a loving way… it still hurts!  Even if they are genuinely meaning well.  They don’t know it… but they are just sneaking up on your psyche and then running a dagger through you without knowing it!  At least you know to stay away from the openly hateful!!!  …thus these nice bigots now give love a bad name as well!!!  You see, a big friendly rottweiler doesn’t know he’s tearing a child apart… he’s just trying to play with the kid!  But his friendliness doesn’t make the Rottweiler any less dangerous; in fact, he’s probably MORE dangerous because of being friendly!  It brings about a false sense of security.  That is modern-day “christians” in a nutshell!  Too much “christian” not enough Christ!  FUCK YOU AND YOUR HATEFUL LOVE ASSHOLES!!!  IT’S STILL HATE!!!

“Christians” have lost sight of what their religion is all about!  “Christianity,” over time, has become a religion of hate and condemnation instead of a religion of love and acceptance.  I find it VERY ironic that “christians” call themselves by that name.  It’s a term that they derived from the title of Jesus of Nazareth who was their “CHRIST.”  It originally was a derogatory term given to the followers of Jesus by the Greeks and it meant “the excellent-ones.”  Seems harmless, but it would basically be equivalent to our modern day “a goody-goody.”  But Christians, like always, CHANGED the word slightly, and thus also changed the meaning to mean “the anointed ones.”  In our modern time “christians” wear it as a badge of pride and think of it as sharing in the title of “Christ” with Jesus.  It’s wearing their savior’s name!  They have also changed the history slightly so that the meaning of the word means “little christs.”

And now we come to why I try to be very careful to always put the word “christian” in quotes.  The ironic part?  If the term meant “little christs,” as “christians” claim… and being a “christian” meant that you are to strive to be more like Jesus the Christ…  Why don’t more “christians” act like their Christ?  They don’t!  “Christian” behavior is MUCH more in line with the Pharisees than with the Christ!  That is why I put the term “christian” in quotes.  Because they may claim they are little Christs, but they are really nothing more than little Pharisees.  And they have made Jesus look like the dude to the left there!

…No wonder people are leaving the church in record numbers!!! And no wonder Atheism is the fastest growing… belief… lack of belief… population… not really sure how you’d say that… but you get the point!

The Church and “christians” suck, and people are getting fucking SICK and TIRED of “christians” and their bigotry!!!

Keep your religion out of the government, keep your bigotry behind closed doors!  Don’t throw that shit in my face, and don’t try to FORCE our government to FORCE it in my face!!!  I find it absolutely hilarious that “christians” are VERY quick to hide behind the separation of church and state when it comes to things like paying taxes, being able to express their religious belief wherever and whenever they see fit, etc, etc…   But when it comes to them trying to take over and run the American government, they say that separation of church and state is unconstitutional and that our Nation was founded by “christians” as a “christian” nation!  Every time I hear that line of crap I wanna punch them in the face!  America was in NO WAY founded as a “christian” nation!  …Seriously!  Those were the words of John Adams himself!  You remember John Adams right?  Founding father of America, framer of the Contitution!  Yeah… for more on this see:

Someone once stated that we should take these bigots and remove them from our country, or give them Montana, and let them run their own government…  something to that effect… I’m sorry, but that’s pretty fucking ignorant!  I don’t agree with you…  You see, I’m afraid that your idea wouldn’t solve the situation at all… Even though they say they just want to run A government… they wouldn’t be happy with being given their own country and their own government.  As long as “christians” exist they must find a way to oppress non-christians!  With your idea, “christians” will still exist, and therefore will still find a way to get out and use religion to control the masses…  that’s what they do!  They aren’t satisfied with running a country of people who believe the same as they do…  CHRISTIANS HAVE AN INHERENT NEED TO OPPRESS OTHERS!!!  That’s why they have done it and have kept doing it throughout the last 2 millennia!

Hey, I’ve got an idea…  Put all Bigots behind an electric fence, cover them with gasoline, and set that bitch on FIRE!!!  That’s how you get rid of bigotry!  If you have a better idea than that… cool, but something’s gotta give, and something’s gotta give NOW!!!

…and that my friends, is what is wrong with our world!


7 thoughts on “The bible and LGBTQ – Part 3

  1. Well, maybe if the atheists would actually commit to their cause,……..if they started their own cults & communes while marrying their children’s cousins & drinking special kool-aid, if they registered their own lobbyists in Washington with ass loads of money to tempt the politicians with, if they started their own private schools/colleges/universities, started their own talk shows raking in millions to pay for air conditioned housing for their beloved pooches & kittens, recruited their own high dollar hookers to keep them happy so they can leave their spouses alone…..or I don’t know……..pray? :-)

  2. I’m not sure what to say. The Christian religion is greatly flawed, greatly. It always has been. The Bible has been used to justify every form or evil.

  3. Having a differing viewpoint doesnt make you a bigot or hate monger. Society is based on differing viewpoints. I can as easily say that Atheists who believe all Christians are stupid are practicing bigotry…

  4. …too bad you didn’t feel the need to finish your comment…

    You are correct, merely having a different viewpoint does NOT make one a bigot or hate monger… if that is what you got from my post, you need to read all three parts again. And maybe the rest of my posts, since they all pretty much build off of one another. I’m not attacking people who hold a different belief. I’m attacking WHY they believe those beliefs. If those beliefs are held in error, and that error causes you to be a hateful bigot, then your beliefs direly need to be addressed. People love to automatically jump to the whole erroneous argument of “people can have different opinions.” Well this is erroneous, and is a logical fallacy because it’s twisting and misrepresenting the point of the message. Again… the POINT of the message is attacking the WHYS behind the beliefs. Because if the WHYS are LIES, then why continue to hold said belief?!?

    BIGOT – “a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance”

    Having a different viewpoint doesn’t make you a bigot and hatemonger, but spreading lies and slenderizing entire groups of people, condemning people groups of any kind, abusing them, harming them, banning their very nature, and barring them from certain rights that ALL HUMAN BEINGS should have DOES make you one!

    One can hold their own beliefs without FORCING said beliefs on others… when you do this, yes, you DO become a bigot and hatemonger!

  5. ok, well my reply to that sentiment I had to just erase, and re-think…

    This comment is going to be a mess


    well here it goes…

    So to prove that I am truly open-minded, I feel the need to give the ENTIRE train of thought that lead to this reply… I wasn’t going to include my entire thought process, but just my concession… but I thought better of that, and felt it necessary to show people how my mind works, and to show people that I’m not just a narcissistic, arrogant, fuckwad! Don’t get me wrong… I am those things, but I can also have my mind altered by others AS LONG AS THE LOGIC IS INDUBIOUS:

    First my mind went to the defense of my words:
    ok, well my reply to that sentiment would be that ALL “christians” are, indeed, bigoted and hateful. If you don’t believe in this bigoted manner, I would challenge the idea that you are a “christian” at all… but that you are something other than, or more than “christian.”

    –> Then (as always) I started tearing apart my own logic bit by bit… calling into question statements I have made in the past… including some in this VERY post! If I just made the argument that if you aren’t a bigot, then you’re something other than “christian” This would lead me into the logical fallacy of a dubious loop of logic resulting in coming back to the old “no true Scotsman” argument which I delivered in this very post.

    –> Excerpt from my post
    “Now, here is the part where people will say “not everyone who says they are ‘christian’ are really ‘christian!’” or “They don’t represent all Christians!”

    Um… I hate to break it to you… but yeah… they kinda are, and kinda do! You see if you can sit there and say “they aren’t a ‘real christian’” just because someone disagrees with you, then there are NO “real christians” in the entire world! It doesn’t work that way… You aren’t the judge of the label “christian!” Thus, if someone claims the label, they have it!”

    Well Fuck me sideways and call me twitchy… Scotty Mo is right! For me to argue the contrary would be illogical based on my own ascertains, beliefs, and philosophical musings

    Touché sir!

    OK… so if we were to stick with my logic that anyone that claims the label “christian” is, indeed, a “christian,” then you are right… not ALL “christians” are bigots. I stand corrected, and I was out of line in exaggerating the point to be all inclusive. But as far as I can tell… the vast majority, or at least the loudest majority of “christians” are bigots. And our world is becoming FAR too small for bigots to still be walking among us!

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