Tony Perkins

I saw this video today, and got FUCKING PISSED OFF!!!  Mr. Perkins used logical fallacies, and MANY, MANY wrong statements in his interview, and I’m going to retort to them!
“**”  –  Tony Perkins’ BULLSHIT statement
“-“     –  My retort to Mr. Perkins’ BULLSHIT statement









** “Marriage is clearly defined in the bible”
–  First off… the bible never uses the word marriage… That word is a word that is attached to the social contract that humans came up with.  The bible uses the terms “husband and wife” a LOT… but not “marriage”  So for this jackass to state that the bible “clearly defines Marriage” proves he’s a fucking LIAR and knows NOTHING about what he is talking about!  Either that, or he is simply mistaken.  Of course he would never admit that he could be mistaken, so that means he’s a fucking LIAR!

** “Drawn a line in the sand”
–  Really, when did stating one’s opinion become a hostile act of “War” or “drawing a line”   …These words are ALWAYS red flags to me!  This is one person’s fear mongering words to try to make someone else look like a bad guy.  So let me get this straight.  The President is intentionally drawing a line in the sand, only pointing at Christians and saying “You wanna fight?”
NO YOU DUMB FUCK!  He’s not doing that at all!  He’s simply stating his opinion!  It’s the Christians that are simply looking to pick a fight over ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

** “The real poll that matters”
–  Oh, so your ONE SINGLE poll that I’m pretty damn sure you probably fudged the numbers on is the only REAL poll, and the only one that matters?  WOW… But I guess that is the Christian way!  Dismiss FACTS and EVIDENCE and substitute fictitious and completely fabricated facts in order to back up your PERSONAL FUCKING VIEWS on a subject

** “If it were to stop at the marriage alter just two people that loved each other”
–  It does stop there… that’s all this is about – MARRIAGE as a societal contract between two people.  YOU Mr. Perkins are turning it into something completely DIFFERENT

**” What we are talking about here is the Curriculum in our public schools… We’re seeing the issue of religious liberty”
–  you just turned this into a slippery slope argument, therefore it is a logical fallacy and CANNOT be used.  Your argument is inadmissible!  But yeah… let’s talk about “religious liberty” for a second…  AGAIN, you want religious freedom, but you also want the Government to pass LAWS and REGULATIONS FORCING non-christians to adhere to a CHRISTIAN ideas, concepts, and principals…  so AS ALWAYS… you are forcing your religion on other people, but don’t want other people forcing their religion on you?  NO ONE SHOULD FORCE THEIR RELIGION ON ANYONE!!!  You see, this is why People hate Christians, and why I MOST OF ALL hate Christians…  CHRISTIANS ARE ONE GIGANTIC HYPOCRITICAL FALLACY!!!

** “Parents can’t opt their children out of school teachings”
–  So you’re saying that parents will have to do their job as parents instead?  OH GOD THE HORROR!!!
You don’t want people being able to opt out of Christian shit like prayers in school, saying “One Nation Under God” (Which was not originally part of the pledge.  It was ADDED to the pledge, and not by the author).  You don’t want people being able to opt out of your stuff, but you want the freedom to opt out of other stuff…  Gee, do you see the inherent problem here?  AGAIN, forcing your shit on others, but not liking it when other people do the same thing!

** “It’s about who we are as a nation, religious freedom, it’s about parental rights, it about public accommodation “
–  Ummm…  I’m going to start sounding like a broken record in a second…  You don’t see it do you dumbass?  See, you’re asking the EXACT SAME THING that the other side is asking for!  Public accommodation?  YOU are infringing upon this.  Religious Freedom?  You are infringing upon this!  Separation of Church and State is to protect people from religious persecution of all kinds!  Christians are persecuting non-christians.  This is ANTI-American!!!   Parental rights?  WHAT THE FUCK!  Parents don’t want to put forth the effort of raising their kids, so they want ALL OF SOCIETY to adhere to their PERSONAL beliefs so they don’t have to teach their personal beliefs to their kids?  It’s YOUR job to tell your kids what you believe… not the school’s job

** “WE have devalued marriage”
–  When was marriage ever “valued” it’s a social contract that has changed a MILLION times over the years, and differs per society!  If heterosexuals have fucked it up so bad, Why not let “The gays” have a crack at it?!?  Hell, They may fix it!!!


** “Studies show that Children that grow up with a mom and a dad” – BULLSHIT
–  The studies do NOT say that at all!  You are warping fact, and making up studies!  The REAL studies do not back up your position at all you arrogant FUCKTARD!

** “We don’t make public policy based on what is good for me and my family, or you and your family”
LMAO, you certainly don’t have the general populace in mind when trying to pass your bigoted views into LAW

** “They don’t have a right to re-define marriage for the rest of us, they don’t have the right take away my religious freedom, they don’t have the right to step between me and what my children are taught”
–  But you do right?  Because you’re kinda doing all of this to them?  What’s up with that whole do unto others thing?  “They” aren’t doing any of this… YOU sir, are!  They aren’t RE-defining anything, YOU aren’t fighting to keep a definition.  AGAIN, Marriage has never been “defined” before… in fact, it has no need to be defined anyway!  It’s only since MODERN Christians have gotten involved that this whole argument has even come up!  Did you know that men married men ALL THE TIME in the early Christian church?  But in your modern Christian church, it’s wrong… wow

** “The definition of a marriage has been set for 5000 years”
ACTUALLY it hasn’t…  Historical records actually show that same-sex marriages were pretty damn common back in the day, even in the early Christian church.  This hatred of same-sex marriage is actually pretty damn relatively new!

ImageI’m kinda thinking that Tony is lashing out because his heart was broken by his boyfriend at a young age!

My whole point of this is:  No one has the right to go around demanding that people agree with their PERSONAL views onImage things and hide behind religion to mask the fact that it is their PERSONAL view!  Christians are NOT doing what Jesus called them to.  Christians are NOTHING like Christ!  Christians are using religion to try to take over the American government and turn America into a one religion nation… but they hide behind religious freedom when it benefits them!  I tell you what!  I’m on board with the Whiskey Preacher’s idea!  If Christians want to run a country so fucking badly, then build them a fucking island, put ‘em on a fucking boat, and get them the fuck out of America!  Because if there’s anything that is UN-American, and UN-Patriotic, it’s a government RUN by a religion!  And THAT is exactly what Christians are TRYING to do!

…and that my friends, is what is wrong with our world!


3 thoughts on “I’M PISSED!!!

  1. Love it! I also love how he was totally schooled by the interviewer and stammered his ass through half of his bull-shit replies. And all she did, essentially, was ask questions till he “answered” himself into a corner.

    Good job!

  2. Well said! I honestly don’t think there is a way to have a governemnt not influenced in some way by religion. But, I wish people would let America figure it out. Even if religion wasn’t involved, people in general still wouldn’t agree on laws. People always have their own agendas… With or without religion.

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