You know…  People want to get all up in arms because of language today…  Why?  Because you have a personal problem with language that is deemed offensive by the society that you wind up in?  OK, well I don’t have a problem with those words.  Leave me alone about it.

Different societies have different Ideas and a different set of words that their particular society finds offensive.  On top of this, words are fluid and change over time.  I’d bet people in the 1920’s never thought their word for happy (gay) would ever be used to describe someone who is attracted to someone of the same sex.

Words are words, nothing more!  Words are used in communicating thoughts and ideals to other people.  Words are used to communicate.  Words fail in communicating a message more often than they get the intended message across.  I don’t like words.  But I’m forced to use them in order to communicate.  Typically, I personally use words in a very carefully selective way.  I choose words that I think will best get my point across without causing confusion.  Unfortunately I’m also subjected to the rule of society that dictates what words I can and cannot use.  To make things worse, we now have a religious group that is trying to take over a country that was founded on principals which prevent a religion from taking over.  This same group wants to place pressure on you and me and make us feel guilty for using certain words to emphasize points in a particular manner.  Just because one may not necessarily agree with my word choice does not give he or she the proper justification to insist that I not use those words.

“Christians” LOVE to use words that are offensive to people.  Only they like to stamp them across money that is sanctioned by GOVERNMENT (a public forum), they like to make the very people who are offended by the words say them publicly in a loyalty pledge to a country.  “in God we Trust” and “one nation under God” what is the difference between those words and “fuck”?  One is offensive to one group, and one is offensive to a different Group.  “Christians” want to make a big fuss over keeping words that were not originally on currency, and keeping words that were added to the pledge MANY years after the pledge was written…  They want to keep offending people with THOSE words… but God forbid I use words that offend THEM.

Any people group attempting to restrict words because they simply see some words as inherently offensive is a people group that is trying to further restrict an already restricted thing.  “Cuss” words are a big thing in certain religious circles.  But what makes these words INHERENTLY bad or evil?  Nothing!  What are the meanings of the words?  What are the INTENTIONS behind the words and how they are utilized?  If someone were to use racial slurs or homophobic phrases… well, this is much different from utilizing “cuss” words.  There is definitely malicious intent behind those words.  But “cuss” words are MUCH more versatile than that.  “Cuss” words do not have to be malicious.  “Cuss” words can be used as all different parts of the English language structure.  They can be used as verbs, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, interjections, conjunctions, exclamations etc, etc, ad nauseam.  Other types of offensive words cannot be used in such manners.  But there is always malicious intent behind the other words.

You see, my stance is this: words are not inherently evil in and of themselves.  It is the spirit and intention behind the words that makes them evil or offensive.

So why do we get all caught up on the word itself?  I LOVE using “cuss” words, call it a spirit of rebellion, call it the Marine culture which was beaten into me, call it whatever you want…  You will be wrong.  I have no malicious intent behind my words.  No spirit of rebellion, I used them before I became a Marine, I use them still.  They are just something I make a conscious decision to use.  WHY?  Because I want to.  When I DO have malicious intent, I typically do NOT use those “cuss” words…   and you will still know it.  No, I LOVE using “cuss” words usually to emphasize certain points when I write.  I use them in emphasis… if you want to focus on one word rather than the meaning of what I am saying, then that is your problem… NOT mine

…and that my friends, is what is wrong with our world!


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