Religion and Logic CAN mix

I watched a VERY interesting YouTube Video this morning… well I tried at least… I got about 5 mins into this 20 mins video!!!   Which in my opinion is VERY GOOD!!!

Thunderf00t is a logical individual that argues against a creationist or religious stand point… he is really a brilliant man that likes to discuss things logically and rationally…
…why, oh why he ever choose to submit himself to this torture I have NO clue

I post this to show how MOST Atheists and Agnostics (and even I myself) view MOST Christians…

Any Christians that read this take heed to my word: DO NOT START SOUNDING LIKE THE WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH!!!

…most all of you are DAMN close to it!!!

If you really step back and look at the VAST MAJORITY of “christians” in the world… their ways of arguing and backing/defending up their faith (a practice/study in the theological world known as apologetics) is VERY MUCH in the same manner as these two crazy lunatic ladies that are speaking to Thunderf00t!

I myself am almost ASHAMED on a daily fucking basis to know that I believe in the same basic idea of YAHWEH God as most Christians.  (Now, a LOT of my beliefs and ideas are probably seen as heretical to a vast majority of Christians out there, including my own parents, but I simply don’t give a flying fuck about what they or anyone else thinks about me as a person!)  Even though a lot of my beliefs are non-traditional, (even some of my views of YAHWEH himself) I still do have the same basic fundamental view of YAHWEH.

The truth is MOST all “christians” are no better than the Westboro Baptist Church!!!  They have no fucking clue WHY they believe what they believe beyond “my parents told me so”  or  “That’s what I’ve heard in church all my life.”  If you are one of those then I’d bet my life on the fact that God is ASHAMED OF YOU!!!

From here on out, for argument sake, I’ll be arguing from a very conservative and Orthodox Christian view point on Christianity…   I’m quite experienced in studying and arguing Theology and Apologetics, but I will also try to dumb it down for non-theologians.  I won’t get too comprehensive either for the sake of saving space, and your reading time… but my point will still be made and driven home none-the-less

1. God created man in His own image – man here is the universal term for man-kind.
2. God is a logical and rational thinking being
3. God created man with free will and the ability for logical/rational thought
4. Solomon was a man created by God and given a gift of wisdom/logic/& rationality superior to any other man EVER!!!
5. Jesus challenged the Status-Quo with EVERYTHING he did EVERY DAY…  he DEFENDED his action by logicality and rationality and argued against the religious scholars in a very logical/rational and philosophical manner
6. Paul told all Christians to investigate the claims of Christianity to see if they were true.
               (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

Based on these things I have no choice but to conclude that it is part of a “christian’s” responsibility to test and question everything in order to build a strong foundation on which to place their belief.  To not do so would be going against how God created you!  THUS, God is ashamed of you!

Basically, in other words, you need to know why you believe what you believe!  You can’t just say “because my mom and dad told me,” you can’t say “because that’s what church says,” you can’t say “well, that’s just how I was raised!!!”

…and even if you have agreed with everything I’ve said up to this point… you’re REALLY not going to like this next one:  YOU CAN’T QUOTE THE BIBLE TO PROVE THE FUCKING BIBLE!!!

When you do this, you become just like the older lady in the video…  Thunderf00t was nice enough to prepare for his discussion by learning and using what THEY would call an authority for their beliefs… oh, but then at around 0:17 into the video she states “well we’ve got the PROPER version on our phone”


If you CHOOSE to engage in a discussion with someone who doesn’t believe as you believe then how the fuck are you going to demand that they can only argue using your terms!?!?  THEY already don’t agree to your beliefs and terms, so automatically the discussion is over.  You can’t talk to them, nor they to you!  But if your opponent is gracious enough to consent to using your self-proclaimed authoritative text in the argument, then do NOT fucking insult him by stating “well your version (or your interpretation) is probably wrong, so I’LL tell you what is right.”  That’s not logic!  That is imbecility and shows that YOU KNOW you are in the wrong, but you merely refuse to admit it!!!  So in order to keep you from having to admit it…  You will merely shut down any and all rational conversation.  And again, you become no better than the Westboro Baptist Church.  They use their beliefs and their interpretation of the bible to prove their beliefs and to prove their interpretation of the bible…  I can do the same fucking thing to prove to you that the grass is blue and the sky is green!!!  It simply doesn’t fly if you want to sound like you know what the hell you are talking about…  But, if you want to sound like a crazy-asshole-lunatic; well, cool… by all means, argue that way!  HOWEVER, you should be expecting a swift punch in the face if you speak to me in such a manner!!!

I mean if you look at ALL sects of Christianity, they all will claim to have a more proper interpretation, or a better understanding of the Bible than others.  Or they may claim to know God better than the others, or at the very least, they hold some sort of claim that shows why their sect/denomination/etc. is slightly more correct than the others!  I’ve even been in churches that, through their teachings, seem to imply “We’re all the same, we’re all right, but we’re a little more right than those other guys.”

Funny thing is if you look at the history of the “christian” church, every new movement or denomination claims they have it all fucking figured out!!!  2000 years of missing the point, or missing reality of it all… I’m gonna fucking bet you still don’t have SHIT figured out…  no matter how much you believe you do, you DO NOT!  You’re no different than the Catholics that Martin Luther Challenged, you’re no different than the churches of the 20’s and 30’s that the Women’s rights movement challenged, you’re no different than the church of the 50’s and 60’s who Black rights challenged!!!  You are NO different than anyone else in the history of the “christian” church that was wrong and later changed their minds/beliefs.



I mean… what the FUCK!?!??!!?      How is that any different than saying one RELIGION is better than another religion!?!?!?!   Aren’t they ALL a bunch of unbelievable fairy-tales?  You’re just choosing the one that you like better, or makes more sense to you right?

AH HA!!!  Enter in logic and reason, and you have WHY yours is better and makes more sense than the others!!!

Look, basically my whole point boils down to this:
If you want to be anti-religion, cool… just don’t shove it in my face!  And if you wish to discuss it, prepare to discuss it in a logical/rational manner.

If you want to be religious, cool… just don’t shove it in my face!  And if you wish to discuss it, prepare to discuss it in a logical/rational manner.

No matter who you are… if you are close minded and CAN NOT engage in a logical/rational discussion…  you are not better than the Phelps’!  …And most “christians” really aren’t much better than the Phelps’

…and that my friends, is what is wrong with our world!


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