Valentine’s BLEH!!!

And yet another Holiday is upon us!  Fuck holidays!  Why do we need a societally approved day for getting family together, showing affection for loved ones, celebrating religious beliefs, etc, etc

I Repeat:

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook, and I couldn’t have said it better myself:
“Waiting till Valentine’s Day to show someone your real feelings is lazy and pathetic and I reject the premise of this holiday!”  Valentine’s Day is no better than Christmas or Easter in my book!

I’m just so sick and tired of American Corporate Marketing making a mandatory “buy-my-shit-that-you-don’t-want-but-you-want-anyway-because-I-say-you-have-to-want-it” day and disguising them as “well-meaning” holidays!

Some people like to puff up and get all-up-in-my-face and say ignorant shit like:
“Don’t like the holidays, then don’t celebrate them, no reason to trash the holidays because you don’t see why they are being celebrated.”


Well, first off:
Actually, as a matter of fact, I do NOT celebrate most holidays!

I DO see why they are being celebrated… apparently I see and understand it more clearly than MOST people!  Most people believe the media and corporate world message that V-day is for lovers, it’s for showing that special someone you care, it’s a romantic holiday!  Bleh… Bull-fucking-shit!!!  That makes me want to VOMIT!!!   V-day is around for increased revenue on multiple levels for multiple types of industries!

Hi… The First Amendment, have you read it?  I can say whatever I want!  But I’m not trashing the holidays; I’m merely calling things as I see them… if you interpret it as “trashing” …well, that’s your word… not mine…   But if you do not like what I have to say:  Just as I am free to choose to not celebrate the holidays, you are free to NOT read my words!

Please understand – my intention isn’t to be openly hateful, it’s a genuine concern for Society!  I also don’t like people in our Society being duped into merely being another one of Society’s mindless sheep!  So I am merely attempting to raise awareness of what the holidays are REALLY all about, I desire to point out the false popular beliefs about particular holidays.

I just don’t see why we can’t spoil our lovers all year ’round and treat every day like it is Valentine’s day… That would be the ideal way to show your appreciation to the object of your affection.  I believe the same way with Christmas… if you MUST give gifts, WHY does it have to be during that one day of the year… if you want to show your affection to someone, give them gifts all year long… why must it all be centered around a Holiday? Holidays should be about family and getting to see each other in a pleasant situation…

Christmas should be about “It sure is good to see you”
Not about “What did you get me”

Again, I must beg the question…  Why do we need a societally mandated one day per year where we spoil another human being?  I’d bet that’s why America has per capita the most fucked up relationships…  because to us relationships are about gifts one day per year, and showing someone you care only on a few days per year…  Hell it seems to me like Society tries to push this whole Serotonin, and Dopamine type of relationship on us…

…That is what Valentine’s Day is… a Serotonin and Dopamine inducing day…

…and that my friends, is what is wrong with our world!


One thought on “Valentine’s BLEH!!!

  1. Made some good points. If you have to have one day dedicated to showing someone you care, you probably don’t care about the person that much. Valentine’s is pointless. It’s just overhyped and over priced stuff you don’t need.

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