That’s so GAY!

Gay-bashing – Straight-bashing – BOTH less than human

I myself am a straight man who now has quite a number of homo-sexual friends. But, I was raised by a staunch Baptist family as a staunch Baptist and vehemently spoke out against gays, gay marriage, and gays who practiced Christianity. (My uncle was a Baptist preacher, and I desired that path as well)  “Those people” (gays) disgusted me!!! Over the years, as I philosophically analyzed and thought through all of my beliefs, I came to now be a huge proponent of Gay Rights in all ways. I now hate gay-bashers, and people who vehemently hate on gays. I personally believe that the persecution of the LGBT culture is our modern day version of the “black” persecution of the early 1900’s.

This post, however, is NOT about gay-rights, this post is NOT about my feelings towards gay-marriage, this post will not bash the “haters,” this post will not deliver facts on why I believe what I believe, this post is merely another one of my posts that bash EVERYONE!!!  You see, I’m an equal opportunity basher!  I bash anyone I disagree with, and that is 99.99% of human beings!  I’m kinda like Family guy… NOONE is safe!

We know gay-bashers exist, they are loud, hateful, hurtful, and VERY obnoxious!  But there is another group just about as annoying and disgusting as the gay-bashers.  I call these people the straight-bashers.  These are the people of the LGBT community of supporters that say hateful and hurtful things about the straight community, or even say hateful and hurtful things about the gay-bashers.  You are doing NOTHING helpful at all.  You are merely adding fuel to the fire and furthering the stereotypical negative image that the gay-bashers are promoting so much!  You are hurting your cause, not helping it.

Here is my take on differing opinions:
As long as someone can talk about a subject without getting hostile and hateful, they are a human being. Once it gets past a civilized discussion and goes straight to hateful bashing of a group of people or of an individual person, then the individual then becomes less than human in my book.

Those people who can maintain their logical and rational human composure become what I consider to be a strong human being.  While the people who turn eventually, or instantly to a total slander-slinging, angry, mud-sling-fest, lose their minds, and with it, a majority of their humanity.  If you ever say hateful and hurtful things to someone just because they hold a different belief than you, then yes, I consider you less than human… you are lower than animals in my opinion.  This includes supporters of any cause or ideological crusade.

Hell, I think that no matter what your side of the fence is on this issue, we can all agree that the Westboro Baptist Church are a bunch of non-human animals that we would all like to see exterminated!!!  But what makes you any better than they are if you sling mud, and say hateful and hurtful things!??!?!  That IS what they do right?!?!?!  Nothing makes you better than they are… Anyone who says that kind of hateful hurtful thing to anybody about anything is no better than the Westboro Baptist Church!!!
You wanna be all for gay rights, cool… but do it in a civil manner, don’t get caught up in the hatred of the other side of the fence. Just because someone doesn’t hold the same beliefs as you, doesn’t give you license to be rude, obnoxious, hateful, hurtful, and harmful towards them… when you lower yourself to hateful speech, you become lower than dirt… and then you become no better than people like the Westboro Baptist Church… YOU disgust me just as much as they do!!!

Straight-bashers, you are just as pitiful and disgusting as the gay-bashers!  And you are BOTH just as pitiful and disgusting as the Westboro Baptist Church!!!

In the VERY near future this will become an even bigger civil rights issue than it already is today. So I encourage all people, who engage in discussions on this matter, to keep all your discussions in regards to this matter civil, reasonable, and logical.

This is what separates man from beast.

This is what makes us Human.

Don’t lower yourself to become LESS THAN HUMAN!

…and that my friends, is what is wrong with our world!


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