The Examined Life

The unexamined life is not worth living.  Most people in our society may agree with this statement in words… but in their actions, do not.

Skepticism, Cynicism…  These are GOOD things, valuable things.  But where is the skepticism in our society?  It BARELY exists!  QUIT CLOSING YOUR EYES YOU LAZY FUCK!!!  Look around you!  All around you is a society that believes whatever the media throws at it.  From our “reality TV” which in reality IS SCRIPTED, to our commercials that convince us that we NEED something that in reality we don’t even WANT, to our TV shows that are supposed entertainment, but in reality are a way of getting across biased values and slinging propaganda and product placement!  Man, we’ve come a LONG way since Hitler’s propagandizing days!  In fact we’re DAMN good at it now!  It’s our science!  Our schools are corrupt, our government is corrupt, our colleges are corrupt, our businesses are corrupt, our religions are corrupt, our EVERYTHING is corrupt!  Why you may ask?


I vehemently disagree with Anne Frank!
“In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.  I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery and death.”

I’m sorry, but Anne Frank was a very young, extremely naive child!  People are not good at heart!  People are basically selfish individuals.  This is why communism fails, this is why socialism fails, this is why democracy fails, and this is why a republic fails, and this is why capitalism fails, this is why marriages fail, this is why educational institutions fail, this is why ALL governments fail, this is why ALL things “touched” by humans fail…  ALL of these different social institutions are manipulated past what they are originally meant to be.  When this happens, they cease being what they are supposed to be, in theory, and become something completely different…  A friend of mine and I had an interesting conversation about this a little bit ago.

I posted the following on facebook:

**Have a problem with me saying Democrats and Republicans BOTH suck, and BOTH lie?  Take a look at the lies of the year in 2009, 2010, 2011… the biggest and most widespread FLAT OUT BLATANT LIES for those years… ’09 & ’10 belong to Republicans and ’11 belongs to the Democrats
– 2009 – the award went to the claim popularized by Sarah Palin that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (perhaps better known as “Obamacare”) included “death panels” that would decide whether people were too old or too sick to be worth treating.
– 2010 – the award went to Republican strategist Frank Luntz and his advisees who called Obamacare a “government takeover of health care.”
– 2011 – was given to Democrats for charging that a bill introduced by Republican Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin in April would “end Medicare,” the government-sponsored health insurance program for seniors.

This post received a number of responses which illustrated my point:

“Obamacare is a government takeover of healthcare….  Any mandate that requires people to either buy insurance or pay a fine is considered a government take over on healthcare in my mind. Just because it doesn’t eliminate private health insurance doesn’t mean the government isn’t taking control over those private sectors.”

“That’s not a government takeover of healthcare, that’s a government-sponsored giveaway to private insurance companies. Granted, it’s still a dumb thing to do, but it’s a far cry from socialism.”

“How do you reckon it’s a far cry from socialism? Socialism is a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole. Which, is what this horrible current administration would LOVE to accomplish.”

“But the mandate doesn’t at ALL distribute health insurance to the community. It does the exact opposite, it funnels money to private insurers. That’s crony capitalism by definition, and it’s nothing new.”

“The law is requiring every person to either buy government insurance via the private sector or the state, of fining people for NOT buying it. That’s pretty socialistic”

“No, it’s not. It’d be socialism if everyone paid into a single public system according to their means (e.g. rich pay more, poor pay less), and everyone drew on that system for their healthcare.”

“Then again can we even consider a social service plan socialism? The very definition of socialism requires a government distribution of GOODS… It doesn’t mention services… Then again it’s been a few years since I’ve read Marx, so I could be mistaken… But I as I recall the emphasis is on distribution of wealth, goods, monetary things, etc… Not services rendered… I.E. healthcare
…Yes I know that if you use the slippery-slope argument, services will only follow naturally… But I’ve always been one to LOATHE any and all slippery-slope arguments… So I maintain that that would just be a way for humans to once again corrupt another governmental theory… But in the “spirit of the law,” I’m not sure one can throw a service industry under this same socialist theory construct”

“Eh. It’s a distinction without much of a difference in the modern world. It may not be Marxism, but it’s socialism in some form.”

“Dude, you know me… I’m a huge proponent of the FACT that NO social institution is as it’s theoretical possibility should be… Socialism, communism, democracy, republic, religion, etc, etc, etc… They are all good theories on paper, but then human beings get involved and do what they do best… corrupt, exploit, and destroy… Then it becomes something other than what is was MEANT to be… Thus, it ceases to be what it is, and then becomes something else…
For example… I think of a CONCEPT of building a house I call a “reddy.” This house must be a house built of only red Legos… It is two feet by two feet by two feet… It has a pitched roof, four windows (one for each outside wall), and one door…     I give this plan written down to you… You decide to make it 2 1/2 feet, by 2 1/2 feet, by 2 1/2 feet… Then you run out of red Legos, and end up thinking “it doesn’t matter if I use two pink Legos… It’s almost the same, I’ll put them somewhere where no one will notice them… I don’t really care about uniformity anyway.” you give it a pitched roof, a door, and only three windows… You say “it doesn’t need a window on the back of the house… Just the front and sides.”    Well what you just built is NOT a “reddy”. It’s your version of it, therefore something else COMPLETELY…   This is my philosophy when it comes to social institutions”

“If I’m not mistaken, I think one of the components of Marx’s theory was that a socialist system could only work if *every* country got on board. That was what was behind Stalin’s “Socialism in One Country.” Of course that early success was built primarily on slave labor from the numerous political prisoners.  So you could say that “true” Marxist socialism has never even been tested.
…And I resent the implication that I would ever compromise quality on a house made of Legos.

“’So you could say that “true” Marxist socialism has never even been tested.’
…My Point Exactly
same is true for a true democracy, true Christianity, true communism, etc, etc ad nauseam”

My point in bringing this post up is this:  YOU ARE HUMAN… QUIT FUCKING EVERYTHING ALL UP!!!

How this fits into this rant?

In our selfishness, humans manipulate and destroy all things that were once pure ideas that were good… maybe even great.  But in selfishness and greed, the person in “power” messes with the idea so much, that it ceases to be what it was meant to be, and becomes something completely different.  Usually to the profit of monetary value, or profit of power of the individual that manipulated the idea.  But they use the original idea of the… idea… which is genuine and pure in order to gain support for their corrupt ways.  They then use the idea and pervert its once good name in order to step on and destroy as many people as possible on their way to the “top.”

You may ask “Well if that’s the case, then why doesn’t everyone see this?  Why doesn’t anyone stop it?  There are more of us then there are of that one person!”

The answer is simple…  because no one gives a shit anymore…  Human beings LIKE being fooled…  We like not having to think for ourselves…  we like being told exactly what to think, exactly what to believe… we like being controlled and manipulated…  We don’t want to live an examined life… hell we barely want to live life at all… we just want to wake up, zombie out, go to work, zombie out, come home, zombie out, go to sleep, wake up, zombie out, go to work, zombie out, come home, zombie out, go to sleep, wake up, zombie out, go to work, zombie out, come home, zombie out, go to sleep, wake up, zombie out, go to work, zombie out, come home, zombie out, go to sleep, wake up, zombie out, go to work, zombie out, come home, zombie out, go to sleep, wake up, zombie out, go to work, zombie out, come home, zombie out, go to sleep, wake up, zombie out, go to work, zombie out, come home, zombie out, go to sleep, wake up, zombie out, go to work, zombie out, come home, zombie out, go to sleep, ad nauseum!

THIS IS MADNESS!!!  What kind of existence is that?!? Why do we just accept what we are told?  Why do we let our media, politicians, etc, dictate TRUTH?!?!?!?


QUIT CLOSING YOUR EYES YOU LAZY FUCK!!!  Look around you!  It’s happening; you can see it if you open your eyes and quit believing everything someone else tells you!!!  Investigate claims for yourself!  Ask questions!  Question EVERYTHING!  Try being at least a little bit cynical or AT LEAST somewhat skeptic!  You’ll enjoy life better if you do!!!

You want to bitch and complain about big companies, the government, the media, etc, etc taking advantage of you?!?  It’s your own damn fault… you’ve no one to blame but yourself!

You see… if everyone was to live an examined life… No one would be able to take advantage of anyone!

…and that my friends, is what is wrong with our world!


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