Mr. Gadfly and stuff?

So a dear friend of mine started a blog along side me.  (FlippantGadfly)   Our goals in this blogging endeavor are quite similar – hopefully impact the world into being a better place.

The top reason for my starting this blog is to keep my rantings about EVERYTHING in our society from falling on deaf ears.  The more I rant to the same people, the less they listen, I’m sure.  Thus I start this blog as to have an outlet for my rants.
But after reading my friend’s initial introductory post, I realized I set out my with no real goal communicated in my about me section.  Yes, I rant… I rant about all things.  NO ONE and NOTHING is safe from my critiques.  That being said… I’m not ranting PURELY to rant, I’m not ranting PURELY because I’m an angry individual.  I rant because I’m hoping that maybe at least one person takes what I say to heart and changes that world into the better place that I know it can be.

In his initial post, Mr. Gadfly states “There are problems in society. Serious, incredible problems that need to be addressed. Our world is essentially a sleeping giant. Slow to be roused, but effective if someone can just initiate action.”

Why yes, obviously there are serious problems in society that need to be addressed, any idiot can see this.  Where my friend and I may differ slightly is in the fact that he has a bit more of an optimistic outlook on our world.  I’m not so sure that the world can be effective if pushed to action.  I’m not sure the world can be pushed to action!!!
Mr. Gadfly holds that the world can be effective if someone can just initiate action.  Thus he calls himself the “Gadfly” alluding to the Socratic dialogue the Apology, and likening himself to Socrates.  Yes, how absolutely pretentious of him!!!  …and he doesn’t give a damn?!?!  How incredibly arrogant!!!!!

…I applaud you Mr. Gadfly…  I applaud your pretension, I applaud your arrogance!  As Socrates is one of my favorite philosophers, and a major role-model of my arguing, I hope you CAN become the Socrates of our modern-day society.  I hope you do become the Gadfly for America, or maybe the world.  I beg of you to prove me wrong about my side of the fence.
Until Mr. Gadfly Proves me wrong, and I start believing that the world CAN be “Gadflied” into action, I will continue to merely RANT as opposed to Mr. Gadfly’s RALLY cry.

I can’t really say it any better myself, …so…  I close with one last quote from Mr. Gadfly:

“I will not sugar coat it. I will verbally bitch slap each and every problem that I see in society.  Say what you mean — don’t hide behind a mask of niceness.  This is my goal.”

Mr. Gadfly, Let us bitch slap the world together!


One thought on “Mr. Gadfly and stuff?

  1. Agreed my friend! I do think you overestimate my optimism however. It will take a MADDENINGLY and OVERWHELMINGLY difficult effort to rouse ANY action from this lazy, sleeping, giant. But perhaps, a couple of pretentious assholes like ourselves can do it!

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