I am a Socratic-Nietzsche!

Generally speaking, I’m an angry person…  By angry, I guess I really mean frustrated…  but apparently it comes across as anger to people around me!

I take issue with MOST everything in our modern world!  Where did human beings go so wrong, and become so selfish, self-centered, self-obsessed, and self-involved?!?!?

I typically argue in a Socratic method, and I think and take issue with just about the whole damn world, like Nietzsche.

I felt it’s high time to start writing my rantings in order to spare my wife the pain and frustration from constantly listening to my incessant bitching and moaning.

If this is your first visit here, and you’re not seeking out a particular individual blog post –
I would HIGHLY suggest that you start with my first post in January 2012, and work your way forward to the most recent post…  Yes, some of them are a bit long, I’ll admit it, but as you read them you will see that the length is necessary!  This is due to the fact that I present facts…  I don’t make wild accusations and claims that have no foot to stand on…  because of this, I can not make a point without delivering enough facts to support my point!  I do NOT want to keep information from you, so I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place…  integrity, or short easy read?

Unlike most in our world…


…and that my friends is what is wrong with our world!


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